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Ginger Cauliflower and Chickpea Soup in a black bowl with a piece of bread and a gold spoon

Ginger Cauliflower and Chickpea Soup

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There is arguably no better winter meal than a big warm bowl of soup. Especially a ginger, cauliflower, and chickpea soup. This is a super simple recipe using only a number of ingredients for an absolutely delicious, warming, nutrient filled […]

Jambalaya Recipe

Jambalaya Recipe


Jambalaya is a deliciously flavorful one pot dish consisting of vegetables, rice, and various proteins. This recipe is a Creole Style Jambalaya recipe with tomatoes, smoked sausage, and shrimp. The dish comes together in about 35 minutes, including prep time. […]

Shrimp Salad with Tostones

Herby Shrimp Salad with Tostones


A zesty, refreshing, and light shrimp salad tossed in a delicious herby sauce and served on tostones (fried green plantains). This shrimp salad is absolutely delicious all on its own, but even better when served on tostones. The recipe is […]

beef stew in a cast iron pot on a counter

Easy Beef Stew


A super flavorful and easy Beef Stew recipe that uses minimal ingredients, and very little hands on work. This hearty dish is warm, delicious, and perfect for the colder months. The recipe is basically a dump and go one pot […]

shrimp ceviche

Shrimp Ceviche with Poached Shrimp


Shrimp Ceviche is inherently healthy, which makes it so much more amazing considering how delicious the dish is. Traditionally the dish is made with raw fish that gets “cooked” in lime juice. The lime marinate causes the shrimp (or fish) […]